It is a love story that has lasted for more than 20 years. The sublime singer Hélène Ségara married a certain musician named Mathieu Lecat, in 2003 in Ajaccio. How did they meet? Their beautiful romance was born one evening in 2000 when the interpreter of Love is a sun celebrates around a dinner obtaining the diamond disc for the album In the name of a woman.

Under the spell of the artist, Hélène Ségara then took the lead and flirted with the young man, as relayed by Purepeople. “The craziest thing I did for love: it was for my husband, it was to flirt with a boy for the first time in my life. I really flirted with him, he was so shy that I I was told that I had to make an effort because I knew that it would not succeed”, she had declared in the media.

More recently, the former star of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris revealed to our Gala colleagues that he had found “the right person”. “I’m very romantic. And why not? Many cheat with feelings, I try not to do that. Besides, I have a husband who, for twenty-two years that we have been together, has always been aware of the intensity of my expectations”, she had declared in the April 6 issue and to continue: “I do not want a trivial story. The right person is the one from whom we do not hide his faults . Say what you want, celebrate cynicism, I’m sure people all secretly dream of the deep feeling that true love engenders.” Today, the spouses are parents of two children: Matteo, born in 2003 and Maya, born in 2004. Hélène Ségara is also the mother of a child named Raphaël, born from a previous union.

According to information from Here in its issue of April 21, 2023, the couple would have decided to separate a few months ago “at the initiative of the one who had become a star by playing Esmeralda in the musical comedy Notre-Dame of Paris”, can we read. Information that has not, however, been confirmed by the main interested parties.

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