It seemed to be the final breakthrough in the case, Peggy K.: On 10. December was issued against a suspect arrest warrant for the murder – two years after the mortal Remains of the child had been found in a forest in Thuringia, and 17 years after the then-nine-year-old had disappeared without a trace in the upper Franconian Lichtenberg. However, at the 24. In December, the district court of Bayreuth denied after the Detention of a man from the 20. December, was released the probable cause: The 41-year-old man from the district of Wunsiedel, in the months the focus of the investigators, from the investigation, detention, arrest warrant repealed.

Karin Truscheit

editor in the Department “Germany and the world”.

F. A. Z.

in the opinion of the district court of the revoked part of the confession cannot be used against the man, as the office of the public Prosecutor of Bayreuth announced. The “trace image at the location established by the district court” the suspicion that he had stored the corpse in the forest in Rodach Brunn, about 20 kilometers from Lichtenberg station. The tracks do not a reasoned, however, “previous homicide”. Similarly, under the walls, therefore, further investigation, such as witness statements, the urgent suspicion for a sex crime or a homicide.

The Prosecutor’s office of Bayreuth, which leads in the case, Peggy K. no proceedings against other Accused, is now considering whether it will appeal against the decision of the district court of appeal. Examines, therefore, the question of whether the interrogation of the suspects, “it could be contrary to the legal opinion of the investigating judge” in September without a defender.