This April 22, 2023, Sophie Garel celebrates her 81st birthday. The star had met with success as a radio host from the 1970s by presenting Between Dogs and Cats on Télé-Luxembourg then on RTL Television by hosting Atoukado.

“We had total freedom and it sometimes turned into delirium,” she told Le Parisien. An adventure that ended in 1994. “As for Bouvard today, or Max Meynier and Anne-Marie Peysson yesterday, I was told that it was necessary to leave room for young people”, she explained and added later: “I don’t I have not known the suffering of these young girls who bet too much on this profession”. Subsequently, she presented the game, Les Affaires est sur les affaires on Canal.

From June 2007, Sophie Garel became a columnist on the show On a tout tried in which Laurent Ruquier officiated on France 2. At the same time, the host was also present on Europe 1 in On va s’géner then columnist in the Laurent Ruquier’s show, On n’a pas tout dit. On the side of her intimate life, the radio star was in a relationship with the actor Jean Yanne (who died in 2003) with whom she had a son named Thomas.

A relationship that has not left him only good memories. “It was complicated! It was hard to bear. When we talk about someone who died, we say he was brilliant, funny. He was odious! Well, that’s a big word but it was him who was leading the boat. Afterwards, he calmed down because all the young ladies who arrived behind, and God knows that they came in a troop”, she explained in the program L’instant de Luxe et d’ add: “He was demanding, severe (…) He blocked me and we had a story that ended a little badly because he left for the first time, then definitively. So, it’s sad” .

In recent years, the host has been discreet. In 2014, she returned to the air in the Big Heads team before taking a break from her career. In 2021, she made a short return to the air for the 100th anniversary of radio, hosted by Laurent Ruquier.