GC coach after the dismissal – “I was kidding”Goran Djuricin speaks after his departure for GC beginners’ mistakes and is disappointed.Etienne Sticher0 comment Goran Djuricin have said after his release, Berisha and Schuiteman in the face, what he thought of them.KEYSTONE/Ennio Leanza

Two batches graduated from GC under the Coach Goran Djuricin, before the Lockdown broke the season. For five days of training he came to the relaxations back to Zurich and then he was released. He was very disappointed, said the Austrian in an Interview with the “look”. He had a good rapport with the players. “It just worked”.

While it has been to most Clubs because of the Corona break the quiet, dominated the grass-shopper club, the headlines of the football, Switzerland. An investment company from Hong Kong took over the record champion. Sports Director, Fredy Bickel had to go. The coach, however, should remain, indicated the new Director Shqiprim Berisha, and the new head of sports, Bernard Schuiteman.

departure as a Gentleman, “unfortunately not possible”

In his last employers he had gone as a Gentleman, says Djuricin. “At GC but it was not unfortunately possible.” He didn’t show the best Manners of the day, he says. He was disappointed, “because I’ve been punked”. He told Berisha and Schuiteman in the face what he thinks of them. “That was anything other than the fine English Art of me,” he knows. He was an honest, direct man, and “the truth had to get out”.

mad he was not, says the 45-Year-old. But still disappointed. He speaks of the “rookie mistakes” that can happen Berisha and Schuiteman for the first Time. He hoped that they would have learned a lesson and in the future professional would communicate. More there to say but, “it is finished and done”. He wishes in particular to the players and Fans a lot of success.

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