Houston’s police chief vs. Trump – “you shut up, Mister President”In a TV Interview, the police chief of a Texas town’s position on the riots in the United States. However, he criticized the US President in the strongest possible terms.fal1 Kommentar1Verärgert about the President’s policies: Houston’s police chief says in a TV Interview clear words. (Video: CNN)

Donald Trump had called on the governors of the States, harder against the demonstrators. The police had to dominate and show strength, called for the U.S. President in a telephone conference which had been arranged because of the riots in the American cities.

After this call from the White house, the police has responded the chief and Trump harshly criticized. In an Interview with “CNN” have been asked Houston’s top police officer Art Acevedo, his view of the situation.

The TV journalist Christiane Amanpour read him the quotes from Trump. The fact the Supreme police officer of the Texas city replied: “Let me as a representative of the police chiefs of this country, the President of the United States of America, say the following: Please, Mister President, if you have nothing to say Constructive, keep your mouth shut.” The aim is not to dominate, but to show compassion. “We have to win the hearts of the people.”

Acevedo added that Trump would make with his ignorance of everything in question. “Whether one is for him or not, he is our President. And now he should behave as such.” It’s not Hollywood, but real life.

The high police officials operating indirectly, the election campaign, when he said that we should ignore the words of the President and instead stand together. “Help us. Marched more peacefully against all this, what’s going on in our country is wrong and raise your voice. Because, especially at the ballot box you can fight against the injustice in our country to fight.”

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