10 questions for the donation of semen – The sperm donor is the husband similar to sehenDas Parliament this week debated the Opening up of the sperm donation for same-sex couples. Today, the procedure in Switzerland is regulated strictly.Claudia Blumer4 Kommentare4Offiziell are born in Switzerland every year, around 200 donor children. Do not donate sperm implantations in foreign countries or so-called private Seeds are recorded in the statistics but.Photo:

On Wednesday will not be in favour of the national Council expected to be only the “marriage for all”, but also the access to seeds donation to expand. If same-sex are allowed to marry couples, you must also have access to sperm donation. So, as is today the case of heterosexual, married couples of the case. The sperm donation process is regulated in Switzerland stricter than in the European region. The ten most important questions and answers.

Who is allowed today in Switzerland, sperm donation in to claim?

Doctors are allowed to perform sperm donation procedure is only for heterosexual, married couples. In reality, however, the sperm donor outside of marriage is practiced, almost in private. Lesbian couples or single women to travel around Spain, Austria, the UK or Scandinavia, or order the sperm and use a syringe on yourself. Some tools with a friend, the husband or relatives of the partner, a child.

How many children are conceived by sperm donation in Switzerland?

Officially, there are a few dozen to a few Hundred per year. In 2001, the rules for donating sperm in the reproductive medicine is regulated by the law for the first time in Switzerland. The Federal office of justice recorded since the data of the reported donor children, their mother and the donor. Between 2001 and 2019, were registered in the Swiss donor data register 4126 births to donate sperm. Thus, came in this period, an annual average of 200 donor children to the world. Added to this are the Seeds of plants grown in foreign countries and the so-called private sperm donations in Switzerland. There are no statistics.

What if a mother, after a private sperm donor not known donor?

The authorities are in such cases in all cantons the same strict. A study of 2016, the child and adult protection authorities (Kesb) to deal with it. While a half of the Kesb asked would do nothing, since there is no reference to a child’s well-being hazard exists, the other half a advice on the lack of paternity, a Deputyship or at least a clarification.

The Federal government recognized in a highly secured database of information on donors, such as appearance and occupation.

How the donor can learn children the identity of the donor?

In the case of medically assisted procedures must be reported to the attending physician every successful sperm donation to the Federal office for justice. There, the Federal office for civil status matters in the donor data register. In a highly secured database information such as Name, date of birth, place of residence, profession and appearance are recorded. If a donor child is a minor, you can apply for the release of these data. Until today, in Switzerland, however, no donor child information from his file. In 2019, the first donor children had the right to become, of full age.

What if the donor wants no contact?

He will be informed before the Federal office publishes its data to the donor child. He refuses contact and the donor child is still on the data, the Federal you – with the note that the Private and family life of the donor are respected.

the donor Has no father duties towards the child?

no. By a medically accompanied sperm donor not a parent-child relationship is created between the donor and the child. The child has to the donors, there is no maintenance or inheritance rights. However, In the case of private sperm donation this is not true. Here, the donor runs the risk of a paternity suit, which is a father-child relationship under civil law, would book. In the case of donations, which are not carried out according to the reproductive medicine act, the donor, so the risk to maintenance of numbers. At the same time, he could make a claim to contact with the child and have a say in the upbringing of a claim.

Who the donors are?

Who wants to officially donate sperm, you must many of medical Tests. He will be examined for hereditary diseases, circulatory and venereal diseases, also the quality of the sperm is tested. For this, he must get the expense reimbursed. As in the case of organ donation, a Compensation is also the case of sperm donation is prohibited. On average, each tenth man in question is between 20 and 40 years, in Switzerland as a sperm donor. Everyone is allowed to witnesses by sperm donation to a maximum of eight children, the sperm will be frozen for a maximum of five years.

you Can read in the case of a sperm donation to a child””?

no. Selection by the parents is forbidden in Switzerland. However, the sperm donor is, and this is explicitly stated in law, the husband of the mother as similar as possible to see. In the reproductive medicine act States: “In the selection of donated sperm, only the blood group and the Similarity of the external appearance of the dispenser may be with the man to the a child are justified by the relationship, is taken into account.”

How much for a sperm donation costs – and paid for by the health insurance.

no. The cost needs to wear the Pair for yourself. A procedure costs in Switzerland an average of 600 to 1200 francs, depending on the provider.

Is sperm donation for the mother’s risky?

often, syringes are in the process of supporting measures, such as hormone or tablets are not applied, because the production worked in a natural way. This increases the risk of cyst formation and multiple pregnancies. If a sperm donation itself is carried out, there is the risk of not well-known diseases of the donor.

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