Francis Huster: who are the women in his life?


Famous comedian Francis Huster has shared the lives of a few famous women throughout his career. From 1991 to 2008, he was notably the companion of the Italian-Brazilian actress Cristina Reali with whom he had two daughters: Elisa, born in 1998 and Tuscany Rose, born in 2003.

A divorce on which he did not hesitate to confide in the presenter Laurent Delahousse in his television news in 2017. “I missed out on sacrifices of love. We should never have separated with Cristiana. It’s my fault because I’m completely crazy. I’m unlivable. I’ve had women in my life who have always kicked me out,” he said.

For her part, the mother of her two daughters explained their separation in the columns of Gala in 2012. “I was no longer well, I was no longer very happy, I did not make Francis very happy either. One of the two had to shake the other up a bit, we did it and that’s it. Afterwards, there’s always one who suffers more than the other. It’s the lack of involvement that is dangerous. When things affect you less, concern you less. When even what is bluffing no longer bluffs you”, she said.

Despite their separation, Cristina Reali explained that she had remained close to the actor. “I will always love Francis and he will always be part of my life. For the children on the one hand, but also because he is a good person, with all his madness, his original side which can be destabilizing when we don’t know him. He’s a good guy, generous, sensitive, with heart”.

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