Gad Elmaleh: who is Judith, the famous comedian’s older sister?


She is the most discreet member of the Elmaleh clan. While her brothers Arié and Gad Elmaleh lead their careers in the spotlight, Judith Elmaleh officiates in the shadows as an author and director. It is she who is at the origin of the success of the shows of her younger brother, Papa est en haut (in 2007) and Sans tambour (in 2014).

The eldest daughter of David and Régine Elmaleh, a Berber Jewish couple from Morocco, Judith Elmaleh has been a faithful support for her brother Gad in his career. “I started, very slowly, to make comments to him. It came naturally,” explained the screenwriter in an interview for TVMAG. Assuring above all that the famous comedian and humorist needed someone who “dares to tell him things”, according to comments reported by Télé Star.

If the famous clan notably shared the poster for Gad Elmaleh’s latest film, Rest a little, released last November, Judith Elmaleh is also at the heart of the news since she recently published a book. In A Queen, published by Robert Laffont, the writer tells the story of her grandmother by revealing a heavy family secret: she was married at 14 to her own grandfather, who was already married, so that he can have offspring.

Guest of Faustine Bollaert in It starts today, December 5, the author Judith Elmaleh delivered some confidences. “My grandfather had two wives, in the sense that he had a first wife, with whom he lived for 10 years. And after those 10 years, she could not have a child.” Explaining that a derogation existed, at the time, for men who could not have descendants, his grandfather chose to marry a second wife.

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His grandfather’s first wife, 10 years older than him, has decided to choose “his own niece” as his new wife and will start her family with him. “I think she chose her for two reasons. Because she had to care about her husband and want to control the situation a little bit. First, because it was genetically not bad that he was my niece,” said continued Judith Elmaleh. “She had a kind of ascendancy over her.” Especially since his grandfather’s first wife pretended to be the great-grandmother of Judith, Gad and Arie. A secret made public to discover today in bookstores.