Fort Boyard’s seventh streak of the 2022 season was complicated for Yoann Riou. The sports commentator who distinguished himself in Beijing Express will become disillusioned in the France 2 program. From the outset, he is designated “cursed candidate” by Father Fouras: he must chain the tests until he win a key or a clue. And Yoann Riou had to do it twice, starting with the Grand Boyard Hotel event. The objective: to pass suitcases in an elevator through a “hellish” turnstile in order to retrieve a key. Less good steward than TV host, Yoann Riou is pushed around by the turnstile. “Push lady, push!” mock his partners. But he can only move one suitcase before having to go out to join his team, made up of Jean-Luc Lemoine, Carinne Teyssandier, Karima Charni, Rebecca Hampton and Pierre-Antoine Damecour.

Subsequently, it is the Upside Down World that gives him a hard time. After breaking the first egg and having been put in difficulty by the revolving oven, Yoann Riou drops three other eggs before joining his team just in time. It is finally the enigma of Father Fouras, at the top of his tower, which will save him: the animator finds the answer and pockets the first key of the team. Later in the show, he will just miss the test of the laboratory by failing to return in time after recovering the key, and will therefore end up in the prison of the fort.

Despite the disappointments, the team ends up pocketing the sum of 19,057 euros for the Nourette association, which helps hospitalized children by accompanying families on a daily basis or by supporting the caregivers who accompany them during their stays in hospital. ‘hospital ; a result that is close to the 19,900 euros won by the team last week.