Stephen Curry’s current shooting series has left everybody around him in amazement.

Teammates, coaches, competitions — it is difficult for everyone to wrap their heads around precisely what they are seeing as the Golden State Warriors celebrity continues to set new records on a nightly basis.

“Obviously, Michael Jordan had some moves where he simply scored like mad, but clearly nobody has ever taken the ball in this way at the background of this match.

A week later overtaking Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors’ all-time top scorer, Curry proceeds piling up record-setting stats in a degree even he has not seen throughout his 12-year profession. He knows he is about a history-making tear, but he has not allow the pressure transcend the pleasure he’s for the sport.

“By Wilt’s [album ] last week after which this series, I am clearly conscious,” Curry said. “However, you do not place too much stress on your own, you simply play basketball. … Being competitive, obviously, but sort of letting the game come to you. For me personally, that seems a particular sort of manner, but I am having a blast out there simply playing basketball and it is definitely working.”

What is working for Curry through this current stretch is his shooting touch from outside the arc. The 33-year-old travelled 10-for-17 from long range on Monday night, and it has hit 54 3-pointers within his previous six games.

“Twenty-one career matches with 10 or more 3s,” Kerr said, not believing the words coming from his mouth. And Steph’s had four in the past five [matches ]. Mind-boggling.

Now ninth in the Western Conference, Golden State seems poised to create a run down the stretch, with nine of its final 14 games coming against teams beneath .500.

Since Curry proceeds to hit shots from throughout the ground, a number of his teammates acknowledge they can not help but observe occasionally.

“The things that he could do to the court — it is special. He is one of a Sort,” Warriors swingman Andrew Wiggins stated. “When I had been on another group, you can view it from afar, you can see what he is doing. You can see all of the creative things he is doing, but being on his group is completely different, completely different viewing it in person, daily, every match. The dominance of his existence on and off the chunk is mad.”

“My rookie year, I did not believe nobody could play much better than this,” Looney said. “I thought that was similar to the summit of basketball shooting and showmanship and what, but I believe this season he may be eclipsing that and carrying it into a whole’nother level. I remember that year and remember how unique it was and just how special he was, and also for him to continue getting better and keep breaking documents and continue doing new things that nobody has ever seen before was amazing.”

Just as Curry attempts to downplay some of his accolades, he understands he is in the middle of a exceptional series. In addition, he admits a great deal of praise has been heaped his manner, but he will not let him down.

“It is flattering, but it is nothing that I wake up and beg for,” Curry said. “However, I love the respect and admiration for what I am ready to perform there on the court, nevertheless people want to discuss it. However, it does not change how I approach the sport and also my belief in myself, my group and what I am capable of doing.

“It’s easy to block ; Y’know I really do read and listen to all of the stuff, so it is fun at a specific stage how matters could flip and flop, but in the close of the day go out and out, play nicely. Provided that you are in some kind of dialog, then you are doing what you are supposed to perform.”

Curry is not only in the dialogue nowadays — his performances have set him in the middle of most talks in the game at the moment.

“I really don’t know what to say,” Kerr said. “You men ask me after each match what I believe of Steph and his functionality, whatever I stated last match, only use that tonight. As it is the exact same thing after every match, it is just utter amazement in this man’s ability level, soul, brain, concentrate, it is simply amazing to see”