“I caught a sunburn, a stroke of love, a stroke of I love you”, sang star Richard Cocciante in the 1980s. A heady refrain that punctuated your summer evenings with the family during karaoke or in a nightclub with friends. While some managed to pack their conquest after a languid slow or on the beach, others mostly took colors.

Crayfish red tan, vanilla strawberry color, peeling nose: Julyists and Augustians don’t all have the same luck in the face of the sun’s rays. After a relaxing break at the beach or by the swimming pool at the campsite, or after a hike in the mountains under the sun, holidaymakers sometimes have the misfortune to discover that the disaster caused by UV rays. You thought you’d get the tan and caramel complexion of a California surfer… But, in the end, you look like a grilled sausage under your sunglasses!

Next time, be sure to choose the right sunscreen to avoid getting a sunburn on your body. While some of you may be reading these lines spreading Biafine on your skin, others have preferred to laugh at their redness by posting the worst tan lines on social networks.

Between unusual images, comical situations and saucy humour, here is a selection that could make you smile all summer long. Discover the best jokes of Internet users who have caught a sunburn through our slideshow.