Celien Deloof, the 26-year-old daughter, Margaret Herman, after a relationship of nine years with her husband, Nico. That is left to the couple themselves to the world of Showbiz to its users. The two were married at the end of 2015.

Celien and Nico have been in place since August apart from each other. She wanted to be herself for the outside world to tell it’s a sensitive situation, and did so in a brief statement to the Showbiz Site: “After nine years, we have come to see that the differences between us are too large as they are. The Details do not matter, the important thing is that we have a good understanding of everything on the table. We hope, therefore, that in all the serenity and be able to do that.”

The couple got married in the year 2015, and runs the real estate office, C&S real Estate Management. There they are, still together.

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