Aya Nakamura and her companion Vladimir Boudnikoff were taken into police custody on August 6 for acts of “reciprocal violence”. Six days later, this Thursday, August 11, the interpreter of “Pookie” finally came out of her silence on Snapchat, reports Public. His publication, however, was quickly deleted.

In her message, the singer first wanted to reassure her fans. “Thanks to the people who message me but I’m fine. I have no ITT days etc,” she said. However, a judicial source told Le Parisien that she had received three days of ITT, just like her spouse.

She also seems to have been marked by her time at the Rosny-sous-Bois police station (Seine-Saint-Denis). “Nothing serious apart from the GAV which is a special experience. But hey, in real life, we looked, we found, and life goes on,” she concluded.

The artist and his companion, who is also his producer, were taken into custody on August 6 after a violent argument at their home in Saint-Denis. According to Le Parisien, the conflict would have erupted when Aya Nakamura returned home accompanied by two friends, which Vladimir Boudnikoff would not have appreciated.

The latter, officially in a relationship with the most listened to French-speaking artist in the world since 2020, would then have threatened the trio with a firearm. However, no blow would have been given, but objects seem to have been degraded.

The day after the police custody, Sunday August 7, their apartment was searched. The police would have discovered a dummy weapon, a rifle, 14,000 euros in cash and three feet of cannabis.

Finally released, the couple received a court summons for “violence by spouse resulting in incapacity for work of less than eight days”. They will be tried before the Bobigny Criminal Court in November.