The off-peak option is well known to French consumers. Its principle is simple: the price per kWh is higher for 16 hours, i.e. peak hours, and lower for 8 hours, i.e. off-peak hours. In some electricity contracts between EDF and its individual customers, there is also a Peak Days Clearing option, also called EJP.

There, the price of kWh is lower 343 days a year, and much more expensive 22 days a year, i.e. the EJP days, nicknamed “red days”. Thus, people who have chosen this option pay 0.1283 euro/kWh on a normal day, against 0.9418 euro/kWh on a peak day, according to figures from Selectra.

Only here: impossible to know the calendar of peak days in advance. The electricity supplier announces them the day before for the next day, from 4 p.m. Sometimes technical problems force you to wait even longer. Please note: EJP days cannot occur in the middle of summer, but only between November 1 and March 31. Indeed, they are determined according to weather conditions. “In the event of a severe cold snap, EDF anticipates the increase in electricity consumption by announcing an EJP day”, specifies HelloWatt. To date, there are 21 EPJ days left before March 31, in addition to tomorrow.

If you have subscribed to this offer, be aware that this Thursday, December 8 is a red day and that it is therefore in your interest to use electricity as little as possible. To help you in this process, and best preserve your wallet, Planet has summarized 8 simple tips to put in place to survive a whole day without electricity in the slideshow below. As a bonus, you will do something for the environment… What more could you ask for?

Compared to EDF’s base tariff, the EPJ option is only profitable if you reduce your consumption by 50% during red days. However, almost half of the users subscribed to this tariff do not implement this drastic reduction, and therefore lose out on the change… If you are one of them, you may need to consider changing your contract… Or less better prepare yourself for these red days! To do this, you should register for the EPJ days observatory, or subscribe to the EPJ alert by email or SMS from your EDF customer area.