Constitutional court: the case of cats it is necessary to revise

Russia’s constitutional court ruled on the need to review judicial decisions in the case of activist Konstantin Kotova, who was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of repeated violations of the rules of the meeting.

a Copy of the court ruling published by the head of human rights organisation “Agora” Pavel Chikov. The court refers to its in 2017, the decision in the case of another activist Ildar Dading, who was convicted for the same as Cats, article.

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Then the COP explained that criminal liability for repeated violation of the rules of the meeting can be used only in the case if the defendant was malice, he caused significant harm to the values protected by the Constitution, or citizens. Thereafter, the Supreme court of Russia cancelled the verdict of the Dadina and ceased a criminal case against him, acknowledging for the activist the right to rehabilitation.

human rights activists pointed to the case Dading as precedent, arguing that the sentence Kotov illegal and should be cancelled.

Two days ago the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the new Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov to check the legality of the sentence the cats.

Konstantin Kotov in court, the September 2019 See tagconstants Cats was reprimanded in prison for wearing the wrong paradisesity Cats – 34-year-old Moscow opposition activist coming to picket against political repression. From March to August last year, he was repeatedly detained by the police – in particular, actions in support of opposition candidates in the Moscow city Duma deputies. Last time Kotov was detained August 10 – allegedly because he “took part in an inconsistent rally were holding posters and chanted slogans”.Radio Liberty has published a video from which it is clear that in this day an activist only managed to get out of the metro station “China-throd”, as was immediately captured by the police. He had no chanting, no placards in his hands was not. The court did not consider the video of the arrest Kotov and not attached it to business. September 5, Konstantin Kotov, was sentenced to four years imprisonment. The term he is serving in a corrective colony of №2 cities of Pokrov, Vladimir region.

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