Cristiano Ronaldo (34) and scored yesterday in the field of Ukraine, are zevenhonderdste official goal. And in the end, it is not yet in sight. Sporting Club de Portugal, via the Manchester United, Real Madrid and The serie a champions up to the national team of Portugal, discover the best matches of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The statistics of the brilliant Portuguese are the options. And it’s not just the quantity. It is also important to have a high quality score.

Number of official matches: (973

Number of goals scored: 700.

Number of matches in which he scored: (458

Number of minutes needed per goal: 112.

Percentage of number of matches in which he scored: 47.

the Countries who most frequently scored: , Sweden, Latvia, Andorra and Armenia, so there’s five left and right).

Clubs for whom he has the most scoring: of Seville ( 27), Atletico Madrid (25), Barcelona (23rd), Celta de Vigo (20), and… and Barcelona (18)

The club for whom he scored: Sporting lisbon (5), Manchester United (118 – 17 pen.), Real Madrid (451 – 77 pen), The (32 – 7 pen). and the national team of Portugal (94 – 10, pen.)

the Milestones: is a 1st goal scorer at 17 years and 8 months, 100 at 22 years of age, and 11 months, the 200th, at 25 years old, and a 9-month, 300th at 27 years old, and a 2-month, 400 at 28 years of age, and 11 months, the 500th in 30 years, 7 months, 600th, at 32 years of age and by 9 months, 700ste to 34 years and 8 months old.

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