Funeral service for George Floyd – “I can’t breathe” on shirts, Biden has held the funeral ceremony for the killed George Floyd turns to AngehörigeIn Houston. Along the route to the cemetery a large number of spectators are expected.0 KommentareEin Golden coffin, a civil rights activist, as a pastor, and a large media contingent: The first scenes of the funeral of George Floyd.Video: Social Media

The coffin of the golden shines in front of the stage of the Church, “The Fountain of Praise” in Houston. In him, the man whose name many Americans have launched in the past two weeks, the mass protests against racism and police violence is. George Floyd’s death has shaken the United States in the Mark as there is hardly a case of death of the last decades. In Houston, Texas, of African-Americans grew up, there are thousands of opinions now have to say goodbye.

Large pictures on the stage to show him, indicated angel wings and halo. On one of the numerous Corona-protective masks and lapel pins with the likeness of the “gentle giants” stands out from almost two metres. Many are dressed all in White, others in Black. Some wear Corona-protection masks, on which “I Can’t Breathe” is – I can’t breathe, the last words of George Floyd, a description of the condition of the systematically disadvantaged American minorities.

the ceremony of The family with invited guests in the Church, “The Fountain of Praise” in Houston in the state of Texas.Photo: Godofredo A. Vásquez/

The mood is solemn and combative, in the spirit of the “Black Lives Matter”movement. A highlight was the short speech of George Floyd’s niece Brooke Williams is: “No more hate crimes, more, please,” she says into the microphone. And more: “Someone has said: Make America Great Again. But when was America ever like?” – an allusion to President Donald trump’s Central campaign slogan in 2016. Applause breaks out in the Church.

Joe Biden, the designated presidential candidate of the Democrats, in a prepared, with piano music-backed video message to the mourners. But especially to Floyd’s six-year-old daughter Gianna. “You’re so brave, Your dad’s looking down and he is so proud of you. I know that you miss this big hug, could only be he.” Again Applause. Biden calls for the Overcoming of racism, to contribute to the Floyd’s death. “We can heal the wounds of this Nation.”

“Someone has said: Make America Great Again. But when was America ever like?” Joe Biden speaks via video message to the mourners.Photo: Godofredo A. Vásquez/

Biden had traveled the day before to Houston and the family of Floyd’s met. “I think what happened here is one of those great turning points in American history, what relates to civil liberties, civil rights and the fair treatment of people with Dignity,” he said later on the CBS TV channel. The 77-Year-old would love to be the political leader of this movement, the healer of a divided Nation. In the group of African-Americans he sees his strongest support for the election in November.

the President of Donald Trump’s attempt to present himself to the Americans as “President for law and order”. Those were his words on Monday of last week, as his government had suppressed demonstrators from a square in front of the White house. The nationwide debate over police violence and racism, he tried to use it for his purposes, and accuses the “radical left Democrats”, they wanted to evade the security agencies, the Finance and the police, “to abolish”.

The funeral service was held in the family circle.Photo: David J. Phillip/

in fact, claims to find a “Defunding” of the police and a reallocation of funds for social projects are increasingly reflected in country-wide protests. Among other things, the large police forces in Los Angeles and New York may, after notice to the local mayor for cuts. But neither Biden nor the Democrats in Congress want to escape the police, the means, or even dissolve. They demand reforms against police violence.

This violence affects disproportionately Black, as is clear from Figures of the “Washington Post” shows. This is not the only evidence that the United States has not overcome the systematic racism for a long time. Black be controlled according to studies, more frequently by the police and are met with the same crime to be higher in prison than White convicted. Blacks represent more than a third of all inmates in U.S. prisons, though they constitute only 13 percent of the population. Not only in the area of the judiciary, African Americans are at a disadvantage compared to White: This applies, for example, on the labour market and in income.

The mood is celebratory and combative, in the spirit of the “Black Lives Matter”movement.Photo: David J. Phillip/

The anger over these conditions has on the tram. More and more critics Trump to split the country in the midst of the protests – including trump’s Ex-defence Minister James Mattis and his former chief of staff John Kelly. Also, many citizens do not follow the course of the head of state of new surveys. His approval drops, the understanding of peaceful protests, therefore, is high.

Trump, it would be best if the demonstrations after Floyd’s funeral, quickly ebbing away and the pressure on it decreases again. The Democrats want to prevent that – they hope for reforms and structural Changes to the support of the road.

On Thursday, the President himself does not want to travel to Texas, but to Floyd’s family to Express his condolences. In Dallas, he wants to organise a food donations to collect for his re-election in November. According to “Dallas Morning News” cost of participation per Pair more than half a Million Swiss francs. On the day of the funeral in Houston Trump did, however, headlines with a conspiracy theory that a 75-could Years, be was pushed by the police at a Demonstration and injured, a left-wing provocateur.


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