Green plants: the trick of matches to maintain them


Having a green thumb is not given to everyone. If some people manage to grow their plants, maintain their vegetable garden and keep bouquets of flowers without difficulty, this is far from being the case for the general population, for whom these operations can be more complicated.

Fortunately, grandmother’s tips exist and allow everyone to get by with their plants. One of them is to plant matches in her flower pots, and it would bring several benefits.

If a flower or plant seems to be struggling to grow or to be plagued by disease, midges are probably responsible. These insects like to settle inside your plants and plant their larvae there, which will damage their roots.

Planting your matches upside down in the pots will keep these pests away thanks to the potassium and phosphorus they contain, explains Femme Actuelle.

In addition to repelling undesirables, this trick is also good for your plants. Indeed, they appreciate the phosphorus, potassium and magnesium that matches contain. This enriches the soil, strengthens the roots and therefore stimulates plant growth.

For the technique to remain effective, it is important to remember to change the matches regularly, that is to say, as soon as they no longer contain sulfur at the end. Thanks to this, you will be able to strengthen your plants while keeping insects that harm it away.