Murder of Lola: the revelations about Dahbia B. after the psychiatric expertise


It is a case that has moved the whole of France. On October 14, Lola, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, was found dead in the 19th arrondissement of the capital, after being tortured and raped.

The main suspect, named Dahbia B., was indicted a few days later. Aged 24, she has since been heard by a psychiatric expert, as part of her psychiatric examination.

According to the report made by the specialist to the investigating judge in charge of the investigation last November 28, revealed by Le Parisien, the alleged murderer does not suffer from “any psychic or neuropsychic disorder having abolished or altered her discernment”. “The madness of an act must not suffer the amalgamation of the necessary madness of its author”, even specifies the expert.

Thus, this woman should be able to be tried before an assize court. However, if she does not seem to have a psychiatric disorder, the psychiatrist nevertheless affirms that the facts of which she is accused “are indeed related to a serious and complex disorder of her personality”.

The report paints a particularly dark portrait of the young woman’s personality. In particular, she would have “a high psychopathic narcissistic potential, that is to say an over-esteem of herself”. But she would also have a “tendency to manipulation as well as a perverse structuring of her personality trying to disseminate trouble and confusion among her interlocutor”.

As a result of these disorders, she is prey to pathological lying and is even devoid of empathy and guilt. Thus, the suspect is, still according to the expert, in a constant “relationship of domination” with those around her. “The other becomes her prey, a means of enjoyment on which she places her hold.”

According to the doctor, Dahbia B.’s personality could be linked to an old trauma, buried in her unconscious, of a sexual nature. “The questions should focus on the feminine, childhood and the notion of defilement at the heart of one’s intimacy…”, explains the report.

For the expert, this trauma could be directly linked to the crime. “The unconscious idea would have been to approach the idealization of a childhood lost when her parents died. She would have felt like an orphan child in the face of the adversity of daily life, all exacerbated by her precarious life on the social and sentimental plan.

During her psychological evaluation, Dahbia B. returned to the facts and still denies them to the psychiatrist, assuring that it was “a ghost who killed” Lola.

With the doctor, the alleged murderer returned to the version of the facts that she had delivered to the investigators. “I don’t know if they put me to sleep but what I said was nonsense… This investigator is Sheitan (the devil) (…) God sees everything, he was a ghost who killed this little one without my knowing it“, she assured. But that’s not all, since she also claims to have been drugged, kidnapped and raped by a man who would have pushed her to transport the trunk containing the body of the schoolgirl.

Despite the absence of psychiatric disorder, the report still insists on the dangerous aspect of the young woman. “On the social level, its dangerousness must retain all the attention, the risk of violence being assessed as being very high.”