Dewaere: the group that redefines the French punk scene


In a few weeks, Dewaere will complete his 2022 tour across France. A tour marked by the release of their second album entitled What is pop music anyway?, on April 29, whose sounds take a bit of the opposite of those that had led to the creation of Slot Logic. “Our first album was very noise punk, hyper frontal and very violent. On the second, we kept all this primary violent side and, at the same time, we added typical pop harmonies. little more sentimental”, explains Marc Aumont, bassist and co-founder of the group. The successive confinements linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have enabled the group to produce and refine this second album as much as possible.

Dewaere was created in 2018 by bassist Marc Aumont, guitarist Julien Henry and drummer Hugues Le Corre. The three musicians are from Saint-Brieuc, in the Côtes-d’Armor. The name of the group is the result of a carefully considered choice. “We wanted to adopt a group name that refers to our city. After having scoured all the names of neighborhoods, streets, localities… we came across the name of Patrick Dewaere, actor from Saint-Brieuc. There is a place that bears his name”, confides Marc Aumont. “Beyond that, what made us choose this name is that the music we produce reflects what the actor was able to show on screen: both a little violent, skinned, sentimental … These different emotions that he was able to transmit through films like Coup de tête or Série noire embody what we want to offer on our albums”, he explains. “What is most punk is to be unpredictable. Dewaere is a punk actor because he is unpredictable and whole. It shows on the screen”, concludes the bassist.

The group is also in contact with the second daughter of the actor, Lola Dewaere. “She listened to us and messaged us on Instagram.” The star of the Astrid and Raphaëlle series was invited to their concert at the Petit Bain, in Paris, on October 5th. “Unfortunately, she had a shoot that dragged on. She couldn’t make herself available. But we’re going to end up crossing paths!”, Says Marc Aumont. He also wants to make a clarification: “We bear this name Dewaere because it corresponded well to our music. We are not trying to highlight any legacy of the actor. We do not want to make a scabrous trade”. Last September, the group had the opportunity to meet Alexandre Moix, the director of the documentary Patrick Dewaere, my father my hero, broadcast this Friday, October 21 in prime time on France 5. more about the comedian’s life.

Dewaere’s story marks a real turning point when the group meets Maxwell Farrington, their singer. “At the very beginning, we, the three musicians, had tried to sing… It was a bit of a disaster”, remembers Marc Aumont. A musician with a passion for cooking, Maxwell Farrington left his native country, Australia, in 2013 to settle first in the United Kingdom and then in France. In 2017, he followed his companion to Saint-Brieuc. There, he met several local cultural actors, including the DJ Julien Tiné and the singer Yelle. It was the latter who introduced the Australian musician to the group during a musical evening organized at La Passerelle, the national stage of Saint-Brieuc. “I know Julie very well (note: Yelle’s real first name), she comes from the same village as me”, confides the bassist. “I figured he [Maxwell] must surely love music and hopefully he can sing. Two days later he was in the studio doing some vocal testing.”

Marc Aumont confides that Dewaere will go on tour again from “next spring-summer”. “It is likely that we will release a new title in the spring. Yes, there will be a third disc,” he says. However, there is no date scheduled for the release of this new opus yet. “We’re just starting to think about it and come out with little bits of production, models,” admits the bassist. In the meantime, the group will be present on the stage of the Rockomotives festival in Vendôme on October 29, in Laval on November 10, in Saint-Avé on November 18 and in Lyon on November 23. The Briochins will complete their 2022 tour in Burgundy in Auxerre on November 25 and in Dijon on November 26. You can find all the information about the group on their Facebook page and their Instagram account.