Battered woman, mother of six children, companions: the secrets of singer Lio


Lio, whose real name is Wanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, was born on June 17, 1962 in Mangualde, Portugal. When he was 18 months old, his parents separated. In 1968, Lio, his mother and her companion fled Portugal and found refuge in Belgium. Arrived in the country, her mother finds a job as a domestic worker before finding a job in a media library.

It was at this media library that she met her future producer, Jacques Duvall. After having caught the eye of the songwriter, he wrote her Banana Split, a title that would propel her to stardom. At the age of 16, she released her first hit, Banana Split, which sold over two million copies. In the process, she released the song Amoureux solitaires in 1980, which quickly rose to No. 1 in France as well as in the top 10 throughout Europe. In 1986, it is the consecration for the singer thanks to her album “Pop Model” and the titles Les Brunes do not count for plums, I break everything that I touch or even Should not start.

Faced with this growing success, she was also offered roles in the cinema. We find her on the bill of several feature films including Jealousy, Dirty Like an Angel, Nobody Loves Me or even more recently in Stars 80 and Stars 80, the sequel.

Since March 2007, she has also taken part in the “RFM Party 80” tour alongside the big stars of the 80s, including Sabrina, Emile et Images, Desireless, Particulier and Jimmy Somerville.

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At the start of her career, singer Lio fell in love with singer Alain Chamfort. Unfortunately, the couple separated a few months later and the star found love again in the arms of comedian Michel Blanc. The two stars would have fallen in love on the set of the film Chambre à part, in 1989.

At the end of the 90s, she had a love affair with the French singer Zad. He turns out to be a violent man. : “After the birth of Esmeralda, my third child, I met a man who seemed wonderful but whose brutality was triggered when I became pregnant with the twins. He started beating me more and more often, more and more violently. I was in denial, I found excuses for him: “It’s not his fault. He was beaten himself. He’s a street kid.” It was I, on the contrary, who felt guilty: “I must have done something wrong to put him in this state.” I was with a narcissistic pervert and I did not know it. Little by little, I fell into alienation and my elders witnessed all this violence, “she explained to Paris Match.

“Terrified”, the singer leaves the marital home with her half-sister, actress Hélène Noguerra. “Without her, without her gaze on me when I was beaten, without her phone call to SOS Battered Women, I would have died. She was the one who saved my life. I owe her so much!”, had– she asserted.

The singer Lio is now the mother of six children: Nubia, Igor, Esmeralda, twins Garance and Léa, Diego, all born to four different fathers.

On the set of Salut les Terrans on C8, the singer Lio confided in her motherhood and her role as a mother: “If I have to talk about myself as a mother, I must necessarily talk about my children and that does not give That’s good. It took me a long time to understand. I didn’t have too much of a filter. I thought we could talk about everything in a somewhat sympathetic way, but in fact no. It’s a media and we cut things. They suffered a lot from it and I realized it. I no longer want to put them in this situation at all”, she explained and added: “I do not have of feeling of guilt, I think I missed my parental function a little bit. I think I was a very good mother but not necessarily a great mother all the time”.

Invited to the show Micro Miroir on Melody TV, which will be broadcast on November 10, the singer Lio confided in her private life. According to information from France Dimanche, she would have revealed that one of her children would have been the victim of a rape.

“You have a beautiful family of six children. I imagine it warms the heart every day of the year,” journalist Christophe Daniel reportedly said, and the singer replied, “And it breaks when they’re in danger ( …) There is one of my children who was raped. It is very difficult for this child.”

The interpreter of Banana Splits would then have said that she did not want to expand on the subject. The star would be in the middle of a fight in order to condemn the attacker.