Louane: who were the parents of the famous singer?


After nearly 10 years of career, Louane is a leading artist on the French music scene. From her debut in 2013 in The Voice, the ex-protégé of Louis Bertignac has experienced an incredible rise. Three albums (including two certified diamond discs), a César for best female hope and sold-out tours, the one who celebrates her 26th birthday this weekend seems to be flourishing in her career.

Before being in the spotlight, Anne Peichert (her real name) lived with her parents in a blended family with her four sisters and her brother in Hauts-de-France. Born to a father of German and Polish origins and a Portuguese-speaking mother, they were international insurance brokers when they met. “My mother wanted to go out with my father, and he gave her a wind. The next day, he came back saying OK!”, She said in 2015 for Liberation.

From her childhood, Louane Emera retains pleasant family memories. “There are no halves with us, we are all brothers and sisters! It was a happy mess, there were always people, noise, activity”, she assured our colleagues. But her life was turned upside down by the tragic loss of her parents a few months apart when she was 17 years old. A tragedy that she avoided mentioning in the media. “I decided not to talk about it. In addition to affecting me, it can affect my family, and I don’t want to put them through that at all.”

During his audition at The Voice, Louane paid tribute to his father Jean-Pierre, affected by cancer, by taking up his favorite title Imagine by John Lennon. “I want to dedicate this song to my dad who died two and a half months ago, it was his favorite song. He asked me to sing it at his funeral, and that’s what I did” , she said. In 2014, her mother Isabel died after a long illness. Louane had paid him a moving tribute with the tube Maman, which appeared in his second album.

Faced with this double drama, the companion of musician Florian Rossi was able to count on the support of those close to him. “I think I was very well surrounded,” she confessed in Seven to Eight on TF1. Before discussing her career which helped her overcome this ordeal. “And then I really locked myself in work, because I needed to do something else. Being able to concentrate on the album, go on tour quickly… I think that really saved me”.

Today a mother, the singer would like to pass on the values ​​of her parents to her daughter Esmée, born in 2020. “I want her to have the strength of my mother and the patience of my father”, according to quotes by Public, evoking her role as a mother. “You can’t become a parent without thinking about your parents. It was something special, but I was very well surrounded”.