Environmental protection: EU to ban single-use plastic


    The EU ban of plastic plates, drinking straws and other disposable products made of plastic. Negotiators of the European Parliament and EU States agreed on Wednesday in Brussels tomorrow on the details. The ban is intended to contribute to the masses of plastic waste in the environment and in the world’s oceans to contain.

    The EU Commission had proposed in may to prohibit once for utensils, straws, cotton swabs, and other disposable articles made of plastic. The amount of food packaging and drinking cups is to be pushed with reduction targets. EU-Parliament and EU-countries had changed the plans in the legislative process easily. You need to confirm the agreement of the negotiators, officially. In effect the Changes are expected to come in two years.

    The strategy on plastic waste is expected to bring in everyday life to make significant changes. Only items for which there are better Alternatives to but. Important the package is mainly for the plastic industry, which is made according to the authorities in 2015, with a turnover of 340 billion euros and 1.5 million people employed.

    part of the new strategy, the participation of manufacturers to the cost of the clean up. So the tobacco industry could be asked in the future, for the Collection of cigarette butts to the checkout. “Who is disposable making articles, such as cigarettes, will in the future need to take more responsibility for the waste take on,” said the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze, the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “The cigarette industry could be involved, for example, the costs for cleaning beaches or Parks.”