On March 2, 2022, the journalist and flagship presenter of the JT of TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut, suddenly disappeared at the age of 71, leaving behind his wife Nathalie Marquay and their two grieving children.

It has therefore been a year since the former Miss France has been trying to overcome her grief, honoring her memory at every opportunity, he who is always present by her side, as she had confided. “Amazing, I’m going to the market this morning, when I stop to buy plants for the cemetery, I hear our song my love”, she wrote on her Instagram account and added: “One day my prince will come, another sign from you”.

Since her disappearance, Nathalie Marquay has changed her life gradually, deciding to move into the house that she and her husband had chosen before his death. “I now live in Antony (92) in a house that we had chosen Jean-Pierre and I. We had hesitated between this property and another in Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche, in the Yvelines too”, she declared in the columns of Gala and to continue: “The latter brought him closer to his eldest son Olivier, however, after reflection, we decided to buy here because it is more practical for our travels. Jean-Pierre was able to visit it on December 17 2021. He never saw her again. Unfortunately”.

On her social networks, the actress tries to move forward, in particular by sharing photos of her daily life, to the delight of her fans who have always been present by her side over the years. Back in image on the new life of Nathalie Marquay since the disappearance of her famous husband.