you have The opportunity to have a far-reaching co-operation between the vehicle manufacturer, Fiat, Ford and Renault, have been permanently lost. That said, Renault’s chief executive, Thierry Bollore as a fusiepoging had to be ended.

“We don’t talk to each other. That is all behind us now. There was a proposal put on the table, but not any more,” said Bollore, at the car show in Frankfurt, germany. “We regret that very much. I’m going to assume that they would find it.”

finally, The merger plan was killed in action in June, after the Renault had failed to gain support from its Japanese collaborators. The French government was standing in the way. Investors were, however, still hope to get a new engine, and have responded with disappointment to the rulings of Bollore. The shares in Renault and Fiat Chrysler were down in the stock market.
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