the Prime minister, Charles Michel, wants to be in the beginning of november, to resign as prime minister. He wants to prepare for his role as the president of the European Council from 1 december, will preside.

Michel, who would like to wish all a few days ago and have been expressed in the vicepremiers of the government, says in a statement.

The search for a replacement has since begun. “Noting that there is currently no process for the creation of a new federal government began, it is he, Michel, ed.). at the beginning of this week started consultations around the terms and conditions of the replacement in the current business. The prime minister will be to ensure that there will be a smooth and healthy transition, it is in the best interest of the citizens and the state.”

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Charles Michel is the president of the European Council, and this was his speech:

These were the last words of Charles Michel’s government fell,

More about Charles Michel, Charles Michel, which once again absent from the Room: “where is the premier? Premier is absent from question about police violence in Catalonia: the N-VA and the LABOUR party, in agony, Michel can practice to his new position, and then slide the three challenges are to: climate, sustainability and security, Prime minister Michel, which makes very little impression, with a doubling of aid to the climate fund, “Look, we’re good, and… Well…”