He is the most handsome man in France. Lisandre Van Muylder, sports coach and diving instructor from Porticcio in Corsica, was elected Mister France 2023 on Saturday March 4 at the Poissy theater. At 22, the young man won the votes of the public and the jury chaired by Nathalie Marquay-Pernaut, elected Miss France 1987.

Faced with the 28 other suitors, this tall blond of 1.87 m and holder of a license in Sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities pulled out by winning the tricolor scarf. “I am very proud to have been elected. I am happy to have accomplished this little challenge that I had set myself,” said Lisandre Van Muylder, reached by telephone this Friday, March 10, with Planet.

Since registering for the regional election on the evening of his coronation in Poissy, Mister France 2023 has been delighted with all this progress. “I’m happy with what I saw and covered after a week”, admits the Corsican who defines himself as “someone reserved”. An incredible challenge for those who did not expect to win the national title.

By participating in the Mister France adventure, Lisandre tells us that the male beauty pageant “could allow me to open up a little. To be less withdrawn into myself”. A week later, the young Corsican saw an incredible media whirlwind. “I’ve had a lot of interviews on the radio and on TV sets, and of course it’s a bit tiring,” he smiles. “But it’s a good experience.”

During his first week of reign, Mister France 2023 was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à mon poste, on March 6, on C8. A familiar program for the Corsican who knew where he was stepping when he arrived on the talk show. “I already knew the show where my predecessor (Le Méditerranéen Lenny Tabourel, editor’s note) was notably invited, a month ago. I knew that by showing up for this show, I risked being pushed around a little”, recognizes the most handsome man in France.

So when Lisandre Van Muylder appeared in TPMP on television, the laughs and remarks of the columnists, judging her personality, did not destabilize her, quite the contrary. “When we go on a TV set for the first time, we have a lot of stress, we feel that it’s going up. And then it’s self-control”, he admits to us. “We are a little pushed back to our limits. We are criticized and we have to keep our heads up. That’s what I found very interesting”.

For him, this media passage in TPMP, “it was still quite voluntary. As for the election of Mister France, I was leaving my comfort zone”, he remarks for Planet. While several Internet users have pointed out the attitude of certain columnists towards him, Lisandre prefers to put things into perspective.

“When you see him on the spot, and then you see him on TV afterwards, these are two different things. For my part, I was received correctly. I saw that Cyril was trying to calm things down, so in the end, it shows a good will”, estimates the diving instructor. And, to reveal an indiscretion to us. “At the end, I was able to take 2-3 photos with some of them. Cyril encouraged me to continue on this path and frankly, it’s very encouraging”.

Significant support for Lisandre Van Muylder in the continuation of her reign of Mister France 2023. Among his desires, the dark Corsican wants to take full advantage of the opportunities that will be offered to him: cinema, modeling… He is “not closed to any area” . In the meantime, the man from the island of Beauty wants to use his notoriety to raise awareness of ecology. “Our environment is too polluted for my taste. What I want to send as a message is that we must stop polluting and not think about tomorrow”, concludes the one who “advocates responsible behavior”.