Mile / Heusden-Zolder, belgium –

the Former rolstoelatlete Marieke Vervoort is now the very last part of a set of the bucketlist to enable it. On the back of the Attic, she had the opportunity to ride along in a Lamborghini on racepiloot Player This. She enjoyed it to the fullest: “Every time he’s in the brakes, it flew, I shot forward and went up to the door of my helmet. That was fun!”

the Vervoort has moved a few years older now. In addition to the many dreams that they have looked out for her the bucketlist to complete it, she had next to her battle with a life-threatening spieraandoening also have to deal with the other obstacles. “Last year, my mother is very ill,” she said. We had two-time to say goodbye, and I was in the hospital.” All the hard times outweigh the many good times that they experienced, according to the ex-rolstoelatlete.

in Addition to the wide press coverage there was also support from the well-known angle. As provided, inter alia, Kim Clijsters, Kris Wauters and John Destadsbader for the video, that it was after her trip to see me. The 40-year-old Vervoort is currently in the process of arranging for her is euthanasia.

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