A meteor spotted over the Netherlands and Belgium


at the Top of the Netherlands, it is Thursday afternoon, a bright meteor is seen. Also, in the north of the country, there are reports. This phenomenon is caused by a ruimterots in the earth’s atmosphere was burnt out.

The stone was likely to be “1 m to a few meters” in diameter, it is the first impression of Joost Hartman, chairman of the Dutch working Group on Rocks. The stone must have been, because the ray of light in the sky it was so bright that it was up to the sunlight came out.

The fireball was roughly 14.50 an hour to see it. It was up to the German island of Langeoog in the north east of the province of Groningen in the netherlands. The rock will be 50 to 100 miles above the surface of the earth at the time of his appearance. The working group reports received from the province Noord-Brabant, where the people are, the ray of light could be seen. In all, nearly a hundred people, with all their observation are reported.

the bulk of the rock is likely to be burned up in the earth’s atmosphere. One of debris as large as a fist or a ball, it is possible to be in the North too.