in an explosion in a house in Ghent, two of the injured in some cases. The emergency services were flocking to the site. The explosion that caused it, it is still not clear.

The blast happened at around 16.45, at the Philip Of the b & b, close to the citadel park in Gent. During the incident, two people injured, to report to the emergency services. She’s been in the back of the house and into the garden, found it. May be they tried it on another flight, when the explosion occurred. They were, for him, for the time being, it is still unclear as to exactly how bad they are. The two were at the university hospital of Ghent, is being transmitted.

The cause of the explosion is not yet fully understood. The employees of the gas company Fluvius were placed on the ground, ” says a spokesman for David Callens. “They were in the vicinity of the work, and then heard the explosion. They are on their own, on-the-spot and did just as a precaution for the gas.” However, according to the spokesperson, at a first examination, no trace of gas was found, though, is that it is far too early to have an exact cause, first.

Photo: jdu Image: jtp

The street has been closed and emergency services are at the scene. There is no risk to the environment, and neither was about to collapse into the house, ” says the department. However, the material damage is considerable.