the Bouwunie, it is not at all pleased about the plans of the Flemish government, the woonbonus at the end of this year to purchase it. The association is asking for a transition period of one year.

last Friday, the Flemish minister for Housing, Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) announced that there will be no transition period for the elimination of the woonbonus, to the extent that people will still be able to get it at the time of entering into a woonlening.

a Decent compensation.

with The abolition of extra-painful for those who new – build or renovation can be Bouwunie. “Woonleningen will not only be entered into for the purchase of a new home, but also for new construction and renovation projects. Such projects are usually a long time in advance planned. The woonbonus in the short term to buy if you already have from January 1 of a new build or a larger renovation, planning is a finance-heel”, argues chief executive officer, Jean-Pierre Waeytens.

you may Also use the SP.A asked Friday for a postponement. “There are certainly reasons to get the system to reform it, but this precipitation makes only a mess. In the chamber, the immomakelaars, and the banks,” says a Flemish member of Parliament, It Veys. “Set up for the reform from 1 July or 1 January 2021,” he said. Veys points out that the opposition, at the latest, within two weeks, in a debate with the minister the commission will to Live. By then it was already too late. SP.A it is, however, that there are certainly plenty of reasons to get the system to work at it. “But for us, there must be an adequate compensation, in the form of a complete abolition of fees.”
More about the Woonbonus civil law Notaries provide reports on woonbonus take precedence over any other act, No woonbonus on a first home, or even for a second, This means the abolition woonbonus in front of you: everyone loses, the couples will be the most the N-VA wants to woonbonus elimination: what will happen to the home prices going to happen? And it is a new construction, then it is still worth the effort?