the Three people in the Netherlands died as a result of a listeriabesmetting in this area of the producer, Offerman. One woman had a miscarriage due to. Reports that the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM). In Aldi, they just decided to have roast beef back to the creation of the brand, Délifin, which is supplied by the same meat plant. In the Netherlands, is calling for a wholesale of at least 160 different products.

the Street was reported on Friday that the roast beef, the brand Délifin per 100 grams packed and recalls due to the presence of the listeriabacterie. “The beef comes from Offerman, from the factory, in the city of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands,” says the speaker of the australian capital territory), Belgium.

Three deaths

Thursday evening it became known that the meat products in the Netherlands on a large scale, have been recalled because they may be contaminated with the listeriabacterie, if the message is the public service broadcaster, NOS. The news comes after three people died as a result of an infection, and one woman had a miscarriage. In total, the last two years, with at least twenty people have been infected with the bacteria through the meat.

The national Institute for public Health and the Environment that come from the factory Offerman in Aalsmeer, the netherlands, in the province of North Holland, which is part of the Belgian group Ter Beke. In the meantime, the share of the food company Ter Beke has been suspended on the stock exchange in Brussels, belgium. The company reports that the financial impact of the recall could not be evaluated. “We are currently in contact with the relevant authorities and we are fully committed to further study. Offerman, including the necessary actions, and provide their full co-operation with the competent authorities,” says the company.

earlier, it was suspected that there was something wrong was when vleeswarenleverancier. According to a spokesman of the Food and drug administration, in recent months, inspections are carried out by the company. “We were all under the impression that things are not good, good”, she said. The supervisor was wearing Offerman to take extra measures. There is, however, definitely recommend to others, but it is not enough to help them. They have, for example, hygienic measures for the production line, and additional samples were taken. But that was not enough of an effect.”

the australian capital territory acts

Offerman is now calling all of the pre-packaged deli meats that have been factory in the city of Aalsmeer, cut, and packaged. Those are, inter alia, in the australian capital territory, Bidfood, Schuitema, Sligro, and Versunie too. The production site in amsterdam is one of the three areas of the business. Sligro, for example, about 160 products have been recalled to have it. With the number and type of customers that have been, that a spokesman said will not be lost.

the australian capital territory, and, in the meantime, has decided, in consultation with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the food Chain (FASFC), to the roast-beef recall, due to the presence of the listeriabacterie. According to the australian capital territory, a spokesman Dieter Snoeck has Offerman only beef is delivered to the grocery store. “It’s going to be one. We have no complaints, and there have been no problems identified with the product. But as a precaution, we will call the product.”

in Germany, listeria,

as Germany was of this was to create a voedselschandaal around the listeriabacterie. There the death of two elderly people in the federal state of Hessen, following the consumption of contaminated meat products. The German authorities, it locks temporarily to the company from which the meat was delivered, and Need in the municipality Twistetal. Well, dozens of people got sick after eating the contaminated salame and cream for me. All of the company’s products were recalled, with the exception of the goods delivered or preserved. The company supplies to restaurants, canteens and supermarkets. Various German media are reporting that the Need in the meantime, it has filed for bankruptcy.

The source of the contamination has yet to be proven. It was, according to the German media since the march, the voedselautoriteiten keep an eye on it after repeated contaminations in the product were found.

Hazardous bacteria

Listeriosis, the disease that the bacteria causes, it can be dangerous for young children, pregnant women, and people with an impaired immune system and the elderly. Symptoms include, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, headache, and fever.

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People who are conscious of roast beef at Aldi’s buying from you, they should not consume it and return it to the store. The product is made. For more information to be able to clients, australian capital territory, please contact us via

Or, Offerman to the other Belgian supermarkets have been delivered, it is not yet clear. The belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the food Chain (FASFC) is investigating the case, according to a hospital spokeswoman.