It was symbolic. The Manager, Michael, Verschueren introduced to Vincent Kompany last night, and go home. It had been hours and hours of crisisoverleg has been with Anderlecht, after the 6 -, 27–, chairman, Marc Coucke, was also there, but the confidence and trust in Vince, The Prince remains.” Sunday was Coucke also, the player base is already being constructive will be made.

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at Anderlecht and has in every Monday for an evaluation with Vincent Kompany. Yesterday, it was a weekly moment, however, is a real crisisoverleg. Marc Coucke went to Neerpede. If his schedule allows it, try to the president every Monday, come along to the meet, but yesterday’s last book, he was quite the afternoon at the club. The president and managing director, Michael Verschueren made in the vragenvuur for Kompany, this time stronger. After the 0-0 against Waasland-Beveren (belgium), and a dramatic 6-to 27 was a player-manager for certain choices of the account.

Still, everyone is after five o’clock, when friends are apart. What’s more, to make a statement, released by Michael Verschueren – Vince-The-Prince even at home, in the car, for the purposes of the processing.

there are, of Course, Friday at Charleroi, and no more excuses – a win is the only way out – but the conclusions are still not drawn to it by the board of directors. It is a faith in Kompany and is also on a T1, and Simon Davies will not be shot.

Photo: Olivier Matthys

now, Coucke went yesterday to the walk-in closet. The guys who wedstrijdminuten had been a oefenmatch at Roeselare belgium, and won the match by 5-1. Vlap has scored twice, and Thelin, Chipciu, and youngster Yaya Guindo made the touch. Also, Trebel picked up again speelminuten.

The chairman was also not present, as he had Sunday night been in the brilscore against Waasland-Beveren. Vincent Kompany was played, and Coucke chose to be in the area for positivism. He was no boy now, but did have a constructive argument. The mentally weak players should not be as far down into the ground as well.

It would be the advice of a mental coach, Ellen Schoupe. Also, it was great, as well as at the oefencomplex, but that is not the norm. As the mental coach, interviewed with the guys who need them, but the players were really out of their day to day routine to be achieved.

Vanden Borre at the gym.

The board of directors will on Friday, however, a response is seen at brussels south Charleroi airport. There is a fear that is the most different of the lot going up in flames, it will stuck at the Mambourg and Anderlecht have one more match, conditional on behind closed doors. That may not be effective, and so it is with the “hard core” will not be allowed.

The man who was, yesterday, by the way, most of the rest, enough to Anderlecht, it was Anthony Vanden Borre. Sharp as a knife, and worked to the Cbd just right in the gym. Is not disturbed.

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