They form one of the favorite comic duos of the French. Since 1994, Les Bodin’s have been a strange duo made up of Maria, an octogenarian farmer who takes malicious pleasure in torturing her only son Christian, who is in his fifties. A popular mother-son tandem, made up in their peasant look, who made spectators laugh with their sketches throughout France.

After more than 25 years of career, the actors Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet have filled the biggest halls, from the zeniths of France to the Palais des Congrès via the Palais des Glaces and as well as the Olympia on several occasions. Building on their popularity, the famous duo also settled in Fort Boyard for a season to host an event on the theme of musical chairs. After their first two films Mariage chez les Bodin’s (2008) and Amélie au pays des Bodin’s (2010) directed by Éric Le Roch, the two farmers set off for a new adventure in Thailand.

A comedy which has already attracted 152,495 spectators in dark rooms, signing an excellent start at the top of the box office in France. However, the career of Maria and Christian Bodin started solo. It was in 1989 that Vincent Dubois, the interpreter of the atypical grandmother, had the idea of ​​creating his character. “Maria Bodin was born from an encounter that touched me, that of a grandmother who fell from her solex and whom I took care of as an ambulance driver. I spent some time with her discussing and she touched me. In Maria Bodin, there is also a bit of my grandmother and people I met, “said the fifty-year-old to the site 37 degrees Mag.

It was not until 1993 that the director met comedian Jean-Christian Fraiscinet who played his son. “With Jean-Christian, it’s not possible to be bored, we have lots of ideas and then everything is working right now. We also give ourselves moments of freedom on the side. We participate in TV movies, films, we give theater lessons”, he confided to our colleagues, adding. “For example, for ten years, I have been shooting on average in three television films or films per year”.

When the famous duo abandoned the roles of Maria and Christian, Vincent Dubois played in fictions such as Alexander’s Law and Captain Marleau. While Jean-Christian Fraiscinet was on screen in Chez Maupassant or even Le bal des secrets. Here’s what the two actors look like in the post below.