Zurich attracts Lockdown-balance sheet – Improved air quality, less traffic – and surprisingly, according to The environmental Department of the city of Zurich, the noise and air pollution during the Lockdown evaluated. Not everything has become better.15 Kommentare15Dieses image you saw during the Lockdown less: air pollution has decreased, according to the city’s 28 percent.Photo: Keystone

take a breath. The Zurich lungs could look forward to during the Lockdown on clean air, such as from an evaluation of the health and environment Department shows. Main driver: less traffic.

a third of these have lost during the week, on weekends, even to the half of it, writes to the Department in a communication. “From the collected traffic data, a decline of 28 percent of the traffic-induced nitrogen oxides, fine dust particles and carbon dioxide emissions are calculated.”

And what if the whole year would be less traffic? Alone at the measuring station, rose garden road, the CO₂ emissions would decrease in accordance with the town of 350 tons. For comparison, The average CO₂ emissions of a Person in Zurich, per year is four and a half tons.

The lower CO₂ emissions, but it is a short-term effect, after the Lockdown again disappear, will the city Council, Andreas Hauri, head of the health and environmental Department, is quoted. “He shows clearly that, in the area of mobility is still a large potential for the reduction of greenhouse gases is.”

Not as quiet as expected

the health has Surprised – and environmental Department, the noise reduction. During the day, during the week the noise has decreased a decibel, in the night, no difference would be noticeable. On the weekends, the noise level was reduced by two degrees during the day, or three degrees in the night. This decrease is clearly perceptible, the town. “The low volume of traffic would, however, have a more significant noise reduction is to be expected.” The reasons the Department finds in the changes in the traffic composition . “During the Lockdown, a higher share of loud vehicles such as motorcycles, vans and trucks on the road.”

The traffic noise has decreased slightly, increased the noise complaints. “Compared to previous years, the city police stated that for the months of March and April, an increasing trend.” Reason: Complaining neighbors, for example due to loud music. And the pressure on parks have increased, the city. However, she gives the all-clear: a Significant impact on the wildlife in and around Zurich were in accordance with not be Green found the city of Zurich so far.


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