New pizza recall: the 10 departments concerned


A scandal that marked consumers across the whole of France. Eight months ago, little Kelig, a 2-year-old child, lost his life after being contaminated with E. coli bacteria by eating a piece of Buitoni frozen pizza from the Fraîch’Up range.

At the time, this massive pizza recall had caused a tidal wave in public opinion and brought to light significant negligence in the Caudry factory, revealed, in particular, by former employees.

Today, the scandal is still present in the minds of many French people and reminders are still frequent. Thus, it is today a completely different range of pizzas that is concerned by such a procedure.

Pizzas of the brand PPNP (Prepared by our pros) from Match supermarkets are today mentioned by a recall procedure.

Hawaiian, Ham and Ham-Mushroom pizzas are affected and should therefore not be consumed and returned to the point of sale to obtain a refund.

Indeed, Listeria monocytogenes was detected in one of the raw materials. Consumption could therefore lead to contamination with listeriosis, an infection that can be responsible for symptoms such as fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches or body aches.

The recalled products display a packaging date ranging from October 21 to 26, 2022 and several departments are affected. Find in our slideshow the list of municipalities in which a Match supermarket has sold potentially contaminated pizzas.