The Canton of Zurich puts the brakes on drive in movie of a 19 Year old
The Canton of Zurich puts the brakes on drive in movie of a 19 Year old

Gymischüler help protect gets – the Canton of Zurich, brakes, drive-in movie of a 19-Year-old from A Gymischüler from Dietlikon tangled in the grant jungle for a drive-in movie. Now, he receives support from the Canton of politicians.21 Kommentare21Der Jumbo Parking in Dietlikon should. at the drive-in theater photo Drive-In movie theatre/Facebook

The 19-year-old Gymischüler Mika Steinmann has thought of many things, as he is in Dietlikon, a drive-in movie organised: authorization for the municipality and local police about, or protective masks and gloves for the helper to get What he didn’t count on: the officials of the Canton of Zurich.

This is forbidden him, namely, to show on the Jumbo-Parking “Back to the Future”, “Mission Impossible” or “Indiana Jones”, such as the “Blick” reported on Tuesday. The police explains: “events are prohibited in the whole of Switzerland, basically. The regulation of the Federal Council, however, provides that exemptions may be granted by the cantons. The municipality of Dietlikon has granted up to the end of last week, temporary permit, to which she was entitled in any way. In the case of the Directorate of justice and of the interior an application for a special permit is now made.”

“More innovative creators, less bureaucratic officials”

The young entrepreneur Steinmann has received for its commitment to support the policy. Hans-Jakob Boesch, for example, the President of the FDP of the Canton of Zurich, wrote on Twitter that the General event ban now obsolete was. “Who can execute an event in compliance with the health regulations, should be allowed to do the same. We do not use the brake, the innovative minds in this country, because the economic recovery we are dependent on you.”

The SVP of Zurich supported him even through the official Twitter Account of the party, such as the NZZ-researched. “Without the Eye, the Zurich government destroyed a business idea,” writes the SVP. In public TRANSPORT people though sitting densely crowded, hardly anyone is wearing masks, but in the car, watching a movie, is forbidden. “Our country needs more innovative creators and less bureaucratic officials,” calls for the party.

According to the NZZ has requested Steinmann a special permit by the Canton. The answer is still pending. Perhaps Indiana Jones running so soon with his whip on the Jumbo Parking lot in LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ.


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