The Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan has invited the us President and Donald Trump for the coming year to a visit in Turkey. The White house said on Monday, Trump was “open” for a possible Meeting. Yet nothing was planned.

The two presidents had on the phone on Sunday and the planned American troop withdrawal from Syria will be discussed. In a Tweet, Trump had declared that Erdogan had assured him that he was going to wipe out the remnants of the “Islamic state” (IS) in Syria””. Trump tweeted that he had spoken seeds with Erdogan about a “long and highly retreat coordinated by the American troops out of the area”.

Turkey reinforced troops

If the American soldiers will have to leave the Region, from the Turkish point of view of an Offensive against the Kurdish militia YPG in Northern Syria. A military operation against the YPG has moved to Erdogan because of the withdrawal of the American troops. Nevertheless, Turkey has intensified since the weekend, their troops on the Syrian-Turkish border. Also on Monday night, more soldiers were moved to the border, such as CNN Türk reported.

The YPG, which controls in Syria, a part of the border with Turkey, a key ally of the United States in the fight against the IS. Critics of Trump now, he let the Kurdish militia in the lurch. Erdogan said on Monday that it would not leave the Syrian people from the “tyranny” of the YPG. Ankara regards the Kurdish militia as a terrorist organization.

The withdrawal of American troops from Syria internationally and also in the United States itself controversial. Among other things, the Minister of defence James Mattis, had declared his resignation. Experts fear that the withdrawal will weaken the fight against the IS. In Turkey, Trumps trigger decision is welcomed.