Holidays, the beach, the sun…Summer is a season that makes the French dream. However, it does not only have advantages and also has its share of disadvantages. Heat is a big part of that.

Indeed, if it can be pleasant in some cases, the heat can become uncomfortable, and some people can be particularly sensitive to it. Indeed, depending on the situation, a high temperature can be very difficult to bear. At night, for example, it is very difficult to fall asleep during a heat wave.

Fortunately, there are many techniques for bringing fresh air into its habitat and keeping it there. According to House

In all the other rooms, the ideal temperature oscillates between 18°C ​​and 28°C, depending on the outside temperature and the ability to cool the house.

In the current context, it is important to reduce your energy footprint as much as possible. Indeed, we are heading straight for a possible shortage of electricity, gas, oil and fuel.

Thus, during this summer period, the excessive use of air conditioning is not recommended because these devices consume a lot of energy and it is not necessary for the fireplace to reach a temperature of 18°C.

To keep cool without expending energy, the most effective trick is to open all the windows when the outside temperatures are cooler. This allows both to bring in this freshness and also creates a very pleasant current of air. During the day, it is better to leave the shutters and blinds closed so that the heat cannot seep into your home.