Effects of Corona – If not more spit may be, has not spit Cricket is a problem-thrower due to Corona on the Ball. Experts predict now boring games. The International Association is proposing a different body fluid. 0 comment spit forbade Cricket should not be spat because of Corona on the Ball. It is looking for Alternatives.Video: AP

showers you have at home. Must cheer only with the elbow. And also the balls must each bring your own. Who wants to currently play sports, must make many compromises. This is also in the Cricket so. The Sport seems, at first glance, Corona-to be compliant, it requires but very little body contact. But the Cricket has a big, wet Problem: the spit of the launcher.

unlike in football, this is not ban in Cricket so easy from the place. The Rubbing of the Balls with spit in his flight behavior. Nevertheless, the international Federation (ICC) would Spit in the future, happy to say. A rule is to be adopted in June.

this is in times of a pandemic inevitable, a see all. Nevertheless, the rule change sets up a debate. In Australia, even experts in the Breakfast television were asked. And your bottom line was for cricket fans are not very encouraging: No spit leads to more hits, and boring to Play.

So now looking for solutions. Shane Warne, a former Australian throwers, suggested, to provide balls with Weights, so that one side is heavier than the other. An Australian sporting goods manufacturer, is working on a wax, which is supposed to have the same effect as the spit. And the ICC is proposing a different body fluid, which is not prohibited: Welding. It was from a medical point of view is very unlikely that the Virus could be transmitted with Sweat.


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