This Friday, February 3, the so-called “rain of millionaires” will be held. Organized by Française des Jeux as well as by the 9 other countries participating in the EuroMillions lottery, this special draw will be held for the 20th consecutive year. The particularity of this operation lies above all in the number of big wins involved: in fact, this Friday there will be 100 European players winning a prize of 1 million euros! In addition to these 100 winners, a super-gain, called “the Grail” will also be put into play, amounting to 17 million euros.

Enough to cover their needs over a very long period… The French were particularly lucky and playful last year: of the 100 European winners, 28 were French, against 24 British, 18 Spanish, 10 Portuguese, 8 Belgians, 3 Austrians, 6 Swiss and 3 Irish, as reported by our colleagues from Capital.

In the context of a classic lottery draw, no winner is normally guaranteed: the numbers on your game board only qualify for a win if the random draw matches them. In the context of the “rain of millionaires”, the terms are different. Indeed, you can be sure that EuroMillions will announce 100 winners at the end of the draw.

When validating your grid, you will receive a unique code generated randomly and associated with your game. The 100 winners will then be drawn at random from these codes. If you happen to have a winning ticket, you will need to go to the FDJ headquarters to claim your prize, as for any other draw.