Tribute to Patrick Swayze: all his sublime photos throughout his career


On September 14, 2009, Patrick Swayze, legendary actor of Dirty Dancing, Ghost or Road House, died at the age of 57 following pancreatic cancer. His wife, Lisa Niemi, confided in her last words before her death in her memoir Worth Figthing for, published in 2011.

“My last words to Patrick? ‘I love you’. And these are his last words to me,” she wrote and continued, “I lay down next to Buddy, I I held his hand and felt his pulse again…And then he stopped breathing…I know he dedicated every day to fighting for his life…He survived 22 months , which was miraculous with the diagnosis he received.”

More in love than ever, Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa had renewed their wedding vows, a year before the tragic death of the actor. An event that had taken place on their ranch in New Mexico. The actor had arrived in front of the guests on the back of his horse named Roh. “This afternoon Patrick said, ‘I want to ride Roh’. Really? And then I thought about all the problems that could arise with a horse with a strong character that you don’t use often. But I I smiled. I was standing behind the door ready to come in, and Patrick was off to the side with Roh, strutting around and wondering what was going on. Then Patrick came in, accompanied by the ‘aahs’ and ‘ ooh’ guests (…) My heart was exploding with happiness”, she had written.

This August 18, the actor would have celebrated his birthday. On this occasion, Planet invites you to discover all his sublime photos throughout his career.