The building is not typical of mannensector? And you, as a woman, do you turn to find it? The stories of mr Evelyn, The Nil, and safety coordinator She Followed to show that the times have changed. “In my generation, your gender is not real.”

Working for the largest construction group in Belgium, which is active in the international market, it seemed to Evelyn that The Nil was a good idea. After graduating as a civil engineer-architect and applied them to the BESIX in Brussels, belgium. “I’ve been working here a year and a half. I am currently working on the realization of a waste water treatment plant in the Czech republic. As a structural engineer, do you see the design of it. But your job is about more than just the design. You will work closely with the technical designers, werfleiders, geotechnici, and, of course, our customers. We all work together for something significant to be able to achieve, I think, the top. In addition, the fact that the projects all over the world, it speaks to me.”

Or, they will soon know that they are ticking all the boxes for a professional career in the construction industry? “It’s a really nice feeling to have the results of your work can be seen on the ground or on a photograph. Now, granted, in my job you have to be able to cope with stress to be. There are days when it is expected that your answers to the questions of the people in the area. But that does not bother me. It makes me realise that my contribution to the project is significant.”

And what does it take to make it as a woman in the construction industry you have to compete? “In my generation, your gender is not real. It concentrates on your abilities. I’ve had the good fortune to grow up in an environment where your talent, not your gender, you decide. That is, there are still more men in our sector, you, as a woman, do not be intimidated. I would have to say is this: be yourself, and don’t think in clichés, in order to get the best out of yourself. In the long term, it creates the most value for the projects in which you work and to your career.”