Laury Thilleman has fun in Indonesia: her stunning photos that make you dream


For several days, the sublime Laury Thilleman left for the other side of the globe to spend her summer 2022. This year, the sports enthusiast has put her bags down in Indonesia. Surrounded by her friends, the former Miss France indulged in her passions: surfing and nature excursions. A heavenly vacation that Laury Thilleman will spend without her husband, chef Juan Arbelaez, from whom she divorced.

On May 17, 2022, the star broke her silence by posting a press release on her Instagram account, wishing to “cut all the rumors and nauseating articles short”. The young 31-year-old woman wanted to highlight the “7 years of intense happiness” experienced with her husband, ex-candidate of Top Chef. “Juan and I decide together to continue our roads separately. The tenderness, the benevolence, the gratitude and the mutual respect that we share remains and will remain intact, this is the reason why we ask you to please respect our silence after this announcement,” she wrote.

From now on, the star wishes to think of her, as she had mentioned in an interview with Télé Star: “The milestone of 30 years made me understand that it was time to think of myself. To continue to do well this I love, I need to focus on what makes me happy. No more pleasing others by never saying ‘no’ to them. Now, I decide to say ‘yes’ to myself”. It is therefore with a big “yes” that Laury Thilleman decided to have fun away from France. Discover his sublime photos in our slideshow.