David Michael Benjamin Smet alias David Hallyday was born on August 14, 1966 in Boulogne-Billancourt. It is the fruit of love between singers Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday. From an early age, he was passionate about music and learned drums, piano and guitar. His parents, both artists, collaborate together on many projects. They make numerous appearances on TV shows, on the radio and release a few duets including the title Te tu d’amour. Unfortunately, the couple struggled and the two stars divorced in November 1980.

After this separation, David Hallyday left to live with his mother in Los Angeles in the United States. The latter finds love in the arms of an American producer named Tony Scotti. She and her new husband adopted a little girl named Darina in Bulgaria.

After the revelation of the will of her former spouse, Sylvie Vartan did not hesitate to support Laura and David in the legal battle against Laeticia Hallyday. She also believes that her son David Hallyday was an “orphan” child: “As Johnny was very often on tour, it was difficult for him to be as present as he would have liked (…) Orphan of father , David has been for quite a few years now. But there, it’s really violent (…) Things, like the lack, which cannot be erased, nor repaired, we cannot go back. In this case, being an artist is a blessing because it is the possibility of expressing, of sharing. David and Laura have this chance, that of being an artist”, she told our colleagues at Gala.

Although she said some time ago that it was “terrible to have to wash your dirty laundry in public”, she did not hesitate to recall that she did not receive any pension for her son David during his retirement. separation with Johnny Hallyday: “As for the 20,000 francs that I was to receive per month to raise our son, he never gave them to me. (…) I have the proofs of everything I say and, instead of showing them to a certain press, all the documents are with the lawyers”, she explained. The clan war is far from over.

It was in 1988 on a television set that the fashionable model Estelle Lefébure met her future husband David Hallyday. A year after their first meeting, the couple married on September 15, 1989 at the town hall of Freneuse-sur-Risle in Normandy, where the young woman was from. On May 17, 1995, the couple gave birth to their first child, a little girl named Ilona before giving birth to their second daughter Emma Smet on September 13, 1997. After 12 years of marriage, the couple decided to separate definitively in February 2001.

After their separation, Estelle Lefébure finds love in the arms of the host of TF1 Arthur. She married him in February 2004 before divorcing four years later in 2008. The 53-year-old star has also been in a relationship with Pascal Ramette, a restaurant owner around the world. In November 2010, the couple gave birth to a boy named Giuliano before separating in the summer of 2014.

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David Hallyday met Alexandra Pastor, heiress to a very large Monegasque real estate fortune in a Swiss ski resort of Gstaad in 2002. The young woman’s family owned a lot of real estate and created the company of public works J.B Pastor

Two years after their meeting, the couple passed the ring on their finger and Alexandra Pastor gave birth to their first son, a boy named Cameron on October 8, 2004. According to Closer magazine, the couple would have put their suitcase in the south of Portugal since October 2017.

Ilona and Emma Smet, the daughters of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure do not hesitate to reveal themselves on social networks, unlike other children of stars. Ilona Smet, 24, regularly panics the web by appearing naked on her Instagram account.

Like her father and grandmother Sylvie Vartan, the young woman turned to the artistic world by enrolling in a prestigious university in London to study sculpture and then going to California to perfect her skills in painting. “She paints sublimely well. She is an absolutely extraordinary painter, she does not even know how she does it herself, ”said her father on the show C to you.

Emma Smet, meanwhile, went to high school in New York and then went to London to study design. Like her mother, she shot for the advertising campaign of the cosmetics brand Mixa.

David Hallyday has always been very close to his sister Laura Smet. As proof, the two children of the rocker have collaborated together by singing in duet the title We are scared. Since the disappearance of their father, the two stars seem more united than ever.

When Johnny Hallyday’s will was announced, David and Laura Smet did not hesitate to unite together in the trial against their mother-in-law Laeticia Hallyday. Laura Smet quickly contested the fourth testament which disinherited her and her brother David.

Accomplice in everyday life, David Hallyday accompanied Laura Smet to the altar in place of her father during her wedding on June 15 in a church in Cap Ferret. A beautiful proof of love which undoubtedly brought them much closer.