Ousted from his cult program Questions pour un champion in 2016, Julien Lepers was tackled again by the program director of France 3 after he found that his departure had been made in “scandalous and unacceptable conditions “. Faced with this, Dana Hastier returned to these remarks during an interview with Télérama.

“From the start, I told Julien Lepers that I had a problem with his style of animation. We carried out four studies: all the results clearly raised the question of the animator”, she explained and d add: “We offered him to make a joint press release to discuss his departure. He had barely left my office when he started a storm. Julien Lepers is totally unmanageable. We wanted to do a tribute show with the best moments. He refused”.

Invited some time later on the set of Supplement on Canal, Julien Lepers had seen the interview with the boss of France 3 summarized: “Your salary: 40,000 euros per month for a week of recording, 1.3 million euros in allowances, she talks about declining audiences, the average age of viewers on the rise, 69 years old, and to top it all off, she has this word: corny”, summarized the host Ali Baddou.

Words that did not, however, destabilize Julien Lepers: “It’s difficult to recover from such insults, because here we are with insults (…) Basically, I do not see any industrial accident: 1.5 million, 2 million (viewers), what’s the problem? I don’t see it. And on the form, we have exactly everything not to do, from the beginning to the end. I saw this young woman twice. The first time a year ago, she took me away on Sundays, the second time not too long ago, she took everything away from me,” he said.

If the host is becoming increasingly rare on television, he is nonetheless an emblematic figure of the PAF. Planet invites you to discover his metamorphosis throughout his career.