Mylène Farmer: what does she look like today?


“…See, violent is the grip…” / “…Anthrax dust seeping into our wounds…”. It is with these two enigmatic messages that Mylène Farmer created a shock wave on social networks. In the space of 24 hours, the singer was talked about on August 22 through the Hashtag HP agency by posting what would seem to be the lyrics of a future single. Before being taken over by its founder Pascal Nègre who quoted this tweet with the hashtag

An unexpected speech that greatly reacted to fans, especially on Twitter. “I was quietly hanging out on Twitter when suddenly there is the comeback of Mylène Farmer”, “The queen is back”, “See, intoxicating is the wait”, can we read in particular on the social network. Like many anonymous Internet users, the flagship singer of the 80s Sabrina paid tribute to the flamboyant artist by quoting the words of her hit. “I am from a disenchanted generation”.

Fervent admirers of Mylène Farmer have also noticed the change in her profile on the Spotify music platform and on her YouTube channel, where she appears in a radiant photo in front of a mirror. A snapshot taken from a photo shoot for the cover of the 1500th issue of Gala, published in March 2022. What predict a musical return very soon for the sexagenarian. Rumor has it that she could release this unreleased title at the end of August.

rel=”nofollow”>While waiting for the release of her next album for the end of the year, and to present it to her audience during her Nevermore 2023 tour, Mylène Farmer continues to cultivate discretion. In mid-August, the star briefly mentioned his writer friend Salman Rushdie, recently attacked with a knife during a conference in New York. “Salman is a writer that I love and who has touched me for many years, but today he is the man, the friend, of whom I am thinking. I send him all my love,” she said. entrusted in the JDD.

On the media side, let’s return to the Cannes Film Festival 2021 to review the most beautiful photos of Mylène Farmer. At the time a member of the jury chaired by the American Spike Lee, the actress and singer distinguished herself on the red carpet with her sensual and magnificent outfits under the flashes of the photographers. Here’s what the famous artist looks like today in our slideshow.