Do you really know Tomer Sisley? Before becoming the charismatic medical examiner of the Balthazar series with Hélène de Fougerolles, the actor has come a long way to establish himself in France. Born on August 14, 1974, he was born in Berlin, Germany, where he was raised by Israeli Jewish parents, dermatology researchers.

Only son, Tomer Gazit (his real name) spent a solitary childhood in the streets of Berlin with his mother while his father worked in France. Asked in Paris Match, the actor poured out on this lack of love. “My mother? She lacked the motherhood gene. Of Yemeni origin, she sewed her own clothes, spoke very poor German. I developed a form of shame, as children sometimes do who have the feeling of be ostracized,” he told the magazine.

A lack of affection that he had to overcome very early with the distance from his dad. “My father, who had the opportunity to work for L’Oréal, left for the south of France when I was five years old. At six years old, I took the metro alone to go to school,” explained Tom Sisley. His life takes on a new meaning when his mother lets him join his father who has settled across the Rhine. “It was only for a year, and she was supposed to join us. For reasons that concern her, none of that happened. But my life started there.”

Father and son finally reunited, they were finally able to make up for lost time. Even today, Tomer Sisley still admires this father figure. “My father is a bear, a man of duty, originally from Belarus and Lithuania, who has always done without affect what must be”, before adding to our colleagues. “I wouldn’t be here without my father, without his education”.

In his early days, Tomer Sisley played small roles in French sitcoms before shining on the comedy scene. Subsequently, the actor distinguished himself at the cinema in the film Largo Winch, adapted from the famous comic strip. A successful role that reveals him to the French public, allowing him to chain appearances in many fictions on the small and big screen.

The comedian is also a polyglot: he speaks French, English, German, Hebrew and Yiddish. A linguistic asset that allows him to impose himself on the international scene, where he rubs shoulders with stars like Sharon Stone (Largo Winch 2), Jennifer Aniston (Les Millers, a budding family) or even Mehdi Debhi (Messiah).

Even more surprisingly, Tomer Sisley almost starred in the hit series Game of Thrones. Because of his involvement in the TV movie Stavisky, the crook of the century where he played the leading role, the actor justified himself with Télé 7 Jours. “When he got involved, you could count on him”, before declaring. “This is how I had to give up the roles of Oberyn Martell and Daario Naharis in the Game of Thrones series, because I had given my consent for other projects”.

Fulfilled in his acting career, Tomer Sisley is also fulfilled in his private life. The actor has indeed won the hearts of several women in his life. Like the communication agency director Sandra de Mateis, met in 1999. After their romance, they separate and the actor starts a new life with Julie Madar. They have two children, Liv Shaya (born in 2008) and Levin (born in 2011) before separating some time after.

After a brief relationship with the model and parachutist Karine Machado, the handsome 40-year-old surprises everyone by formalizing his reunion with his first love Sandra de Mateis in 2016. Together, they form a blended family since his companion had his son Dino ( born in 2009) with producer Valéry Zeitoun. To seal their love, the TV columnist and the actor married in 2017 at the town hall of the 8th arrondissement of Paris.