with The return for Thomas Meunier at the Jan breydel stadium was not as he had hoped. The Red Devil’s played a solid game, and PSG are in the winning camp (0-5), but the former right-of-Club Brugge had to be injured to leave the field.

As for Thomas Meunier in the conclusion, we would like to bring to the fore the same day cheated, he you don’t even need an injury. Right away and pulled out his linkerhamstring. Even though the Paris of bills has already been used up, were he had to be on the field. Also, Herrera was left out as a precaution for the part taken, but as far as I can, coach Tuchel in the end the injury of the Meunier. Maybe a few weeks at the outside.

“as opposed to Herrera, it looks that Thomas does not look so good. That is, it is hard for me to accept it. We will, however, need to be,” said Tuchel.

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