sixteen-year-old klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg on Twitter, in response to the haatberichten for the last couple of days about around me. Mostly it’s emotional and a furious speech at the united nations climate summit in New York brought to be downright vicious comments on them. “Here we go again,” she writes.

Furious, with a nodding stem, and with a pointing finger, said the 16-year-old the world is increasing. “How dare you”, she said. “You have made my dreams is stolen, with your empty words.”

social media was a speech a lot of support and praise, but it is at least as much garbage. “Here we go again,” she writes. “It looks like they have each and every line crossing in order to divert attention away in order not to have to talk about the ecological crisis and the climate crisis. Otherwise, it is not a disease, and the current and best scientific knowledge is not an opinion. It’s fact.”

They don’t even understand why grown men mock teens, and children who are committed to the environment and to the progress of science. “I think they feel very threatened by us.”

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finally, it advises them to haatpraat’t pay any attention to them. “The world is waking up. The change is coming, whether they like it or not. Up until Friday on the road.”

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